Jan 15 2014

How To Make Extra Money With Shortcuts To Cash Form Filling Job

home_img1Shortcuts To Cash Job Overview

Form filling jobs have become in high demand in many countries like India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nigeria and more… Reason being is the ease of use, comfortability and earning potential of working from home. As clerical jobs have always been extremely popular, most home typing jobs require a lot of skill and many times you’ll be put on a long waiting list. However, with form filling and ad posting jobs like these, there is no waiting list because there’s no experience required and the more people that are able to participate, the better. This is not a way to get rich of course, but you can definitely earn a decent monthly income with a little time and effort. Especially if you come from a foreign country as living expenses are so low compared to the United States. Therefore the earnings one can make from ad posting is still considered to be a high paying job.

The great thing about ad posting jobs online is you can find a company who will provide you all the needed materials including form filling software, a large list of free classifieds and simple ad text that can be cut and pasted into each form. Having these resources can save you loads of time which in turn equals more money! All training, instructions and needed tools are located in their back office.

A typical problem with online jobs is many people have a hard time finding a job who will pay out to their country. Not everyone has Paypal and a lot of companies will not go out of their way to send money through places like Egopay or  Western union. However, companies like Shortcuts To Cash actually will. Even if you live in Nigeria or Alaska you can work with them and still be able to receive your pay. They offer several different forms of payouts for everyone.

With a program like shortcut to cash one can work as often or as little as they want. There is no minimum amount of work due and members are given 28 days out of the month to complete any assignments. This means they could work 1 to 2 hours daily part time or if someone wanted to earn more money they could work all day long if they so choose. There are 3 different ways one can earn money through ad posting which starts with the basics like getting paid just to post the ad. Secondly, they can also get paid if anyone clicks on the link to that ad and thirdly they can earn a commission if anyone buys a product through the ad. Literally one person can earn up to $20 just for posting ONE single ad. The program offers many different ways to earn, so if you were to utilize your time and resources wisely you can earn a pretty nice extra income.

Ad posting, home typing, form filling, blogging, paid to click, content writing and email list compiling are just some of the additional jobs offered through a form filling job program like this. Assignments are varied each month or if one chooses just to do simple ad posting/form filling they can opt to do this instead.

Shortcuts to cash is now issuing raises to their members so for every so many completed assignments they will pay a little more for each ad posting or form filled. Making money in this field or any takes consistency, hard work and dedication. Regardless of what the job is, anytime one is able to work from home is truly blessed and should treat the job very seriously.

Interested in making money filling forms and posting ads? Check out shortcuts To Cash. They
payout weekly by many different types of payments to basically any country. This is one of top recommended data entry programs as they have been verified for their legitimacy.
slide-bg1_238x145Visit  http://shortcutstocash.com

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Jan 15 2014

Form Filling, Ad Posting & Email List Compiling Jobs Overview

Category: Ad Posting & Email List Compiling Jobs Overviewkellysblog @ 1:31 am

Posting ads is an amazing way to earn money from home that a lot of people don’t even know exist. There are so many overlooked opportunities online that many will never even give a second glance to. This is the reason so many are not successful at making money. You have to give something a chance and base your decisions from your own experiences and not from what other peoples opinions and guess work. What is important is that you find an online job that really pays and you stick with it. Use your own judgement and don’t get distracted by what others are telling you. Regardless of what you do online, everything takes time and effort to build on. Use your own judgement and don’t get distracted by what others are telling you. Regardless of what you do online, everything takes time and effort to build on. You don’t need to have a degree or be a brain surgeon in order to make money from home. You just need determination, consistency and common sense always helps!

Here are some great programs where you can get paid for immediate work.

Job #1

Form Filling Jobforms2

This is one of the simplest ways to generate money on-line. All you have to do is fill out online forms and you can get paid for each form. There is really no brain work in this whatsoever. Most of the information is already pre written for you so it’s not something to where you have to think. Simply use free form filling software and this will cut your time in half. You will get paid for each form you submit, so the more forms you do the more the money adds up.  Anyone can do these types of jobs without any experience.



Job #2

Ad Posting

This is basically the same as form filling. With this you simply post free classified ads and you can also use the form filling software for this. You will get paid for each ad you post. The great thing about this is there are actually 3 ways you can earn money through ad posting. You can earn by just posting the ad itself, then you can also get paid if anyone decides to click on your ad, thirdly, you can get paid if anyone decides to purchase form the ad. So imagine making up to $20 for posting just one ad? This is very possible and many are making a really nice monthly income doing this very thing.




Email List Compilingemail

Email list compiling is another great and simple job that requires absolutely no experience and you don’t have to have a college degree to land a job like this. What this job involves is simply gatherings emails from interested prospects and putting them into a word document. You then can earn money for each and every email address you turn in. This is an extremely easy system that takes very little time and effort to do. You can spend an hour or 2 per day working online and earning money collecting emails. There are many different money making opportunities online which we can choose from. Of course everything isn’t for everyone so you really have to do your research and find something you enjoy.

If you are interested in making money online with form filling, ad posting or email list compiling, we can help. We have been reviewing different data entry companies online for 10 years plus and only refer legitimate companies that offer step by step training with immediate job sources that really pay.

For more information visit - http://typingathome.net

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Jan 13 2014

Data Entry Affiliate Program Ideal For Newbies

Learn How To Make Up To $200 Per Day Typing From home With Non-Traditional Data EntryIts raining money

Most newbies with an interest in doing data entry from home often fall prey to many scams or they end up with an actual program that had the potential to work but was given either vague information or training that started at an advanced level. When you are a newbie or a beginner, it’s dire that you get the proper training starting from scratch. I hear a lot of people saying oh I tried that but I didn’t make anything so I gave up. This is one of the number one reasons why many fail. Many people who offer training for this type of business have been in it for so long forget about dire basics and start their training at an intermediate level rather than a newbie level. In other words, you wouldn’t start a 9th grader out with college courses.

I want to introduce you to a program that’s been around for several years now and offers amazingly simple to learn step by step training that’s ideal for newbies or for anyone who has tried before to make money online and has failed.

Now there are several different types of data entry. The main 2 types is non traditional and traditional. Non traditional is often referred to as “affiliate marketing”. Which means you provide typing for the purpose of generating sales and you get paid from commissions. Now a lot of people are intimidated from the sound or thought of selling something, however, you are not selling anything. You are referring which is a big difference.

 Details here- Make-n-dollars.com


The traditional data entry is things such as transcription jobs which pay per job basis or an hourly rate.

The problem with so many people seeking traditional data entry is 98% do not possess the necessary skills required for this high demanding proefession. Many data entry seekers underestimate the demands of this job. Many of them simply do not have the skills to do this type of work. Being able to type at 65 WPM does not qualify you to perform this type of job. Most people need college credentials in this specific field in order to even get on a list. It is a highly competitive field and you must have well above average typing and grammar skills, you need to be highly organized and there are many software requirements among other things .Typos are not acceptable for a medical transcriptionist. You must be able to accurately type at a fast speed because a slow medical transcriptionist will be a hungry medical transcriptionist.



The great thing about non traditional data entry jobs is there are no specific requirements or experience required and the money one can make is much more than a traditional home typist could make.  Although they are commission based jobs the commissions are quite generous. Most company will pay from 50%-75% commission of an individual sale generated by your paper work. This could be simple ad posting, writing articles, writing reviews or writing in job boards and forums. Typing speed is not a factor nor is spelling/grammar as it is a matter of doing a simple spell check and copy and paste work.


The great thing about non traditional data entry is having a website is not a necessity. You can earn solely off of other peoples successful and well know, top earning websites without having your own. You don’t have to worry about talking to anyone, selling anything or delivering any products. The company does everything. All you do is refer them to the business at hand and watch the money roll in. For the average newbie that knows little to nothing about running a business, this is ideal.

What The Make-N-Dollars Program Offers

Make-n-dollars is a step by step training program in which you enter your own members area. See some of the things it offers belowteam (2)

Full Business Training Center
Regular Membership
Affiliate Marketing course

Blogging Course Step By Step
 Article Marketing Video Series
Amazon Affiliate Training Course
 WordPress 16 video Training Series

Bonus VIP Area (Included FREE)

1. General audio Transcription Training Package
Response Typist Program Training
3. Telecommuting/Data Entry Job Database
4. 100% Free Survey List and Guide

Affiliate marketing is one of the top chosen businesses for people whom have no real experience and want to make a substantial amount of income whether you want to work full time or in your spare time. There have been many surveys done on which are the top 10 earning opportunities on the web and affiliate marketing is always at the top of that list.

If you are dead set on transcriptions or traditional data entry make-n-dollars also includes a full database of real data entry jobs in their VIP section along with full transcription training. The program has over 50 business training ebooks, 2 step by step 16 video series training on article marketing and affiliate marketing along with resell rights worth over $1200.


dataentryjobpicGET FURTHER DETAILS HERE  - Make-N-Dollars.com

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Jan 13 2014

Real Paying Ad Posting & Form Filling Jobs From Home

Category: Real Paying Ad Posting & Form Filling Jobs From Homekellysblog @ 5:45 pm

typingathome_largeAre you sick and tired of companies introducing ad posting positions as a real job when it’s really just a commission based business opportunity? You know the ones that only pay you if your ad makes a sale or if someone clicks on the ad? Well what if I were to tell you that you could actually earn money for each and every ad you post even if no one clicks on a link and even if no one buys anything? That’s right! Typing At Home is a genuine company that actually pays REAL money for each and every form or ad you post, no sales, clicks or recruiting needed!

Typing At Home offers many different job packages and each job will consist of ad posting/form filling.

They supply you with a list of free classifieds/job boards or forums.

They supply you with a pre written ad that you simply can copy & paste.

They supply you with free form filling software.

You get 24/7 video and email support.

Job Packages Offered With Typing At Home.net

Research Assistant

Email List Compiler

Research Email Typist

Home Typist Package

Form Filling Package

Mini Combo typist (3 packages)

Super combo typist (5 packages)

Franchise (get your own website and earn 50% commission PLUS paid for each form)

This is an excellent earning opportunity where you are GUARANTEED to earn!

Make sure to visit their FAQS page for further details


MORE INFORMATION HERE - http://typingathome.net

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Jan 13 2014

How To Buy An Online Franchise For a Form Filling Business



Imagine being able to earn massive profits from someone else’s hard work, sweat and developed business? Being a franchise owner is like having a business cheat sheet in a sense. You get to profit Without experience, without any real work or investments and without having to create a thing! The business has done everything from creating the business name, logo, website, customer base, products, delivery, paychecks and you as a franchise owner get a piece of that pie simply by bringing people to your pre -built webpage! You don’t even have to build it, the company provides it to you prebuilt already. You get your own personal business name and all you have to do is bring people to your site.


What Is The Business and what do people buy?

People buy job packages that range all the way up to $250. Each franchise owner will earn 50% of any job package purchased through their webpage. All you have to do is post free ads on the web. Franchisees are provided with an additional bonus job package where they will be paid for each ad posted in addition to earning half of any sale generated through their website.

more details - http://www.internetpros.biz/franchise.html

How Much Can I Earn As A Franchise Owner?

Franchise owners have no limit to what they can earn. There are some franchisees earning up to $10,000 per month from generated sales alone.

What Do I Get As A Franchise Owner?

You will be provided with your own webpage designed by the company. You will have your details added to the site and you will be able to choose your own business name. You will get a basic home typist job package with your own login in which you will be issued monthly assignments that pay per form you fill.

Also included is an entire other business opportunity:  Data entry/affiliate marketing training members area – Includes thousands of dollars worth of software, video training, a full job database and much more…  (SEE BELOW-


SEPARATE BONUS PROGRAM INCLUDES ( this is not the franchise materials, this is an additional bonus program given to franchise members)

Full affiliate training program
100 business training ebooks on several subjects
Fast Track Cash 16 video series and resell rights (worth $250)
1. Blogging Course Step By Step
2. Article Marketing Video Series
3. Amazon Affiliate Training Course
4. WordPress 16 video Training Series

Bonus VIP Area (Included FREE)

1. General audio Transcription Training Package
2. Response Typist Program Training
3. Telecommuting/Data Entry Job Database
4. 100% Free Survey List and Guide
Franchise bonuses

Refer 10 Members Earn Bonus $100
Refer 50 Members Earn Bonus $500
Refer 100 Members Earn Bonus $1000

If you are looking for an genuine, easy way to make fast cash without having to start from scratch on your own business learning venture this is the opportunity for you! It could take YEARS for someone to develop a profitable business like this on their own so why not take this shortcut offered to you and profit big!!!





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Oct 24 2013

Home Based Typing Jobs> Earn Money Through Ad Posting

Category: Home Based Typing Jobs> Earn Money Through Ad Postingkellysblog @ 4:40 pm

slider_bg_middle2Ad posting jobs in India and the USA have become one of the hottest businesses on the internet today. It’s an excellent way for web businesses to outsource their work efficiently and in turn for mostly anyone to earn a quick buck doing a very simple job room their comfort of their living room. Indian based data entry and form filling jobs are among some of the best paying job opportunities there is and it’s of great importance to take advantage of this home working opportunity while you can.

Indian jobs are also popular among countries like Pakistan,Philippines, Nigeria, Indonesia and more.. Many people think these great jobs are only available to the USA or Canada but that’s not true. The great benefit from this is they are able to pay out internationally so just about anyone around the globe can do this. As long as you have some type of computer access whether at home or any cyber cafe and you can read and write English, you can definitely earn money doing ad posting, copy and pasting, form filling or any of these types of data entry home typing jobs.

What Do Ad Posting Jobs Entail?

Ad posting  jobs are about as simple as they get. All you have to do is follow the list given to you, begin with the classified ad number one and fill in the information required in order to place an ad. It’s extremely easy and anyone can learn it. You can either do this by hand or you can use free form filling software which the company provides and this will automatically fill in your forms. The great thing is you will be inputting the same information over and over so this will save you mounds of time and enable you to do more work so you can earn more money!

Do You Have To Pay For These Ads?

Absolutely not! Each ad is 100% free to post.

Can I do This From My Country?

Yes! It really does not matter where in the world you live because these companies will pay to just about ANY country even Nigeria!

How Will I Be Paid?

You will be able to choose the payment method that best suits you. The current payment methods include paypal, check by mail, direct bank transfer, egopay, western union or moneygram.

Do I Have To Sell Anything To Get Paid Or Does Anyone Have To Click On My Ad?

No, not at all. You are paid for each ad you post whether or not anyone buys anything or clicks on your ad. All you have to worry about is posting the ad and you will be paid.

 How Much Will I Be Paid?

You will be paid for each form you fill up to $2 per form.

Is The work Guaranteed Or Do We Have To Apply To These Jobs?

Once you complete registration you will be emailed a username and password within 24 hours. You will then have access to all of your assignments. There is no need to apply or look for the home typing  jobs, this IS the job and the work is immediate. Your assignments will be available to you in your assignments area 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

How Do I Start?

You can learn further details simply by entering your name and email below.

The job packages include the following> Research assistant, Form filling Job, Ad posting Job, Copy & Paste Job, Email List Compiler, Research Email Typist, Mini combo typist, super combo typist, Franchise.



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Oct 18 2013

Ad Posting, Form Filling, Copy & Paste Jobs

Category: Copy & Paste Jobskellysblog @ 8:32 pm



Ad posting, form filling and copy & paste jobs are one of the easiest ways to earn an easy paycheck from home.
Ad posting/form filling and copy & paste jobs doesn’t involve any type of skills including typing speed, grammar or data entry/clerical experience. It is a simple task where you will be asked to take a prewritten ad and post it into a classified list. The classified lists are provided so you never have to search for these places to post your ads. You also never have to figure out what to put in the ads as you are supplied with all materials including free form filling software as well. This speeds up the ad posting process tremendously so you can make money faster.

When posting ads for pay you will be credited for each ad you post. There is no selling or recruiting and no clicks needed in order to earn money.

There are great companies that we have investigated thoroughly and they are known to be legitimate and pay their customers.

How Will I Be Paid?

You will be able to choose your payment method. The great thing about this type of work is you can live in any country and not have to worry about not being accepted. These companies pay to just about every country including usa, India, nigeria, Pakistan etc…
They pay by check by mail, direct bank transfer, paypal, egopay, western union and moneygram.

How Many Ads Can I Post Per Day/ Per Month?

You will be able to post a large amount of ads per day/per month. There are different job packages you can choose from where you will be able to choose how much you want to earn per month or how much you want to post.

How Do I Know This Isn’t A Scam?

We have thoroughly researched each job we have posted on our site so you can be rest assured all jobs are 100% legitimate and trustworthy.

How Long Before I Can Start?

As soon as you complete registration you can start literally within 24 hours.

Do I Need Any Experience?

You do not need any experience since these companies provide all training, support, video demos and online tutorials. You will have everything you need to successfully do the job.

Does It Matter Where I Live?

No .These companies have made it convenient for any country to get paid as they offer several different payment options.

Where Do I Start?

You can start by clicking on the website link, then choosing the job package yu want and you will then select the “Register” tab from their website below.

Begin Here – http://internetpros.biz

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Oct 16 2013

Internetpros.biz Form Filling Data Entry Job Review

internetprosmediumInternetpros.biz is yet another excellent data entry job website offering home employment for all. They offer several different job packages including ad posting, form filling, copy & paste jobs and much more…

This is a great opportunity for the average stay at home mom or student who needs extra cash as the jobs are simple to do and you can work in your spare time only 1 to 2 hours daily.

Internetpros is ran by Sari Balhi and is a registered business in the usa. The jobs are offered globally to countries such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Canada, USA, UK and much more….

The amount one can earn is up to $3k per month or more depending on the job package.

These are actual jobs offered by the company. You will not have to seek out employment or apply to any additional jobs once you join. You will be able to work immediately after registration and will have jobs available to you 28 days out of each month.

We have done a through check on this company and they were found to be a genuine opportunity.

To find out more details on this home job please visit – http://internetpros.biz

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Sep 07 2013

Real Paying Ad Posting Jobs, Form Filling & home Typing

Category: Form Filling & home Typingkellysblog @ 4:37 pm

Earn a Weekly paycheck doing Simple Online Typing, form Filling & Ad Pasting Jobs. We pay for every ad/form submitted. Up to $2 per ad Form. Just simple copy ladycomputertypingand paste work, No Selling, Clicks or Recruiting needed to earn. Includes Online Data Entry ,Online Ad  Typing, Online Form Filling,  Online Data Collection & more…  No Experience required.
Receive Free Details At – http://typingathome.net

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Sep 07 2013

Online Typing, Form Filling & Ad Pasting Jobs

Category: Uncategorizedkellysblog @ 4:33 pm

feature2Data Entry typing & form filling Jobs Available. No clicks or sales needed to earn. Easy ad posting available. Work from home or cyber cafe. All countries accepted. Pays weekly by check, western union or direct bank transfer…  Minimum 1 to 2 hours daily. Work in your spare time.

Free info at -



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